Living in Abundance.

Our garden is breathing in the sunshine and swaying in the breeze and the coops are filled with the sweet chorus of chirping chicks. The flower gardens serve as an “all-you-can-eat” smorgasbord of sugary delicacies for buzzing bees, shimmering hummingbirds and fluttering butterflies throughout day. Dragonflies in every imaginable color and size curiously settle on … More Living in Abundance.


Jasper & I just stumbled upon a spectacular patch of itty-bitty baby strawberries growing on our property today! Little gifts from God here, there & everywhere! Now I’m just hoping I can keep Jasper from plucking them all up before they’re ripe enough to eat! This child simply cannot get enough “bawbeewies” in his tumtum … More BawBeewies.