In that Space.

I don’t feel the need to persuade anyone into believing in a higher power.  That’s not my responsibility. Attempting to talk others into having faith beyond that which greets our naked eye each day here on earth is too heavy a weight for any human to bear. Many years ago, I discovered that an innate … More In that Space.

Soul-Work, Dirt-Work

Yesterday we cleaned out and prepared the garden. It was a big job. We worked hard. The vegetable beds neglected, hidden beneath a blanket of pine straw, chickweed and deadnettle. As we tilled the soil, I was pleasantly surprised to lay eyes on such lush and loamy earth hidden beneath winter’s debris. We live on … More Soul-Work, Dirt-Work


When I sit next to the sea or stand on a mountain, when I walk through the woods or smell the scent of magnolia blooms, I am at Church. When I’m folding laundry & hear the laughter of my children floating on the breeze, through the open window, the sweet chorus of life blesses me. … More Church.