Weeds Make Me Cry.

Hey y’all! Long time no chat! We recently returned to the homestead after a couple weeks of visiting family and traveling out west for vacation. What an incredible experience! We were simply overwhelmed by the unparalleled beauty of Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons, Badlands and so many other sights along the way. It goes without … More Weeds Make Me Cry.

I’ll take the Uninteresting, please.

So let’s talk about the UNinteresting for a moment. I consider the vast majority of my life happenings to be rather uninteresting. It’s a lot of paying bills, cleaning up messes, doing laundry, cooking, playing chauffeur to the children and trying to figure out my teenager’s agendas. You know, the norm. It’s basically uninteresting. It’s … More I’ll take the Uninteresting, please.

Wormy Butt Boy.

Happy morning from Wildwood Acres! The late summer sky flaunting the most vibrant of blue today. Eggs have been collected, chickens are free ranging, pups have been fed & clothes are on the line. There’s still some coffee in the press & the house is filled the lingering scents of warm oatmeal & maple syrup. … More Wormy Butt Boy.