Weeds Make Me Cry.

Hey y’all! Long time no chat! We recently returned to the homestead after a couple weeks of visiting family and traveling out west for vacation. What an incredible experience! We were simply overwhelmed by the unparalleled beauty of Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons, Badlands and so many other sights along the way. It goes without … More Weeds Make Me Cry.

For Goodness Sake.

Hey y’all! Black coffee is flowing, a floral scented breeze is blowing, a glorious sun casts shadows upon this garden I’m sowing.  With every seed, a sense of peacefulness is growing, a universal connection, a primordial knowing. Aaaaah, these are the mornings that cleanse my soul & slap a fresh set of rose-colored glasses upon … More For Goodness Sake.

Boo Boo Mr. Roo!

Wildwood Acres! What a place! Between the Mexican petunias, ginger & canna lilies, I sometimes wake up feeling like I’m living in a botanical dream! Fine by me. Flowers make me absolutely giddy! The more I live among them, the more I’m convinced of their magic. Yes. Flowers are magic.  Just try sniffing a magnolia … More Boo Boo Mr. Roo!