For Goodness Sake.

Hey y’all! Black coffee is flowing, a floral scented breeze is blowing, a glorious sun casts shadows upon this garden I’m sowing.  With every seed, a sense of peacefulness is growing, a universal connection, a primordial knowing. Aaaaah, these are the mornings that cleanse my soul & slap a fresh set of rose-colored glasses upon … More For Goodness Sake.

Wormy Butt Boy.

Happy morning from Wildwood Acres! The late summer sky flaunting the most vibrant of blue today. Eggs have been collected, chickens are free ranging, pups have been fed & clothes are on the line. There’s still some coffee in the press & the house is filled the lingering scents of warm oatmeal & maple syrup. … More Wormy Butt Boy.