Spring Spectacular!

Hello my friends, fam & newest readers! Welcome back to the Wildwood Acres blog! Around 7am this morning, I had the pleasure of somehow smearing slimy turkey poo all over the side of my bare foot.  Shortly thereafter, one of my dogs dropped a deuce in the garage & I discovered my 3-year-old son peeing … More Spring Spectacular!

Chicken Run Fun!

Hello friends & family! Well it certainly has taken me a while to find my way back to the Wildwood blog! It’s hard to believe that my last entry was way back in January! My posts have been few & far between lately for good reason.  It seems that I’ve been so engrossed in living, … More Chicken Run Fun!

I Need A Miracle.

 So we bought a “new” old house. And with this “new” old house comes a lot of neato stuff. The kitchen is not part of that neato stuff. The kitchen is spacious and laid out well enough, kind of. But it’s pretty much heinous. I’ve always been of the mind that a kitchen is the … More I Need A Miracle.

Demo Day!

WOW. Like, wow wow WOW! Today is demo day! This is a big deal. This is a BIG, BIG DEAL.  We made an offer on this property the week of New Years Eve, 2014. We officially closed on the property February 20, 2015.  The timeframe in between those two dates might as well have been … More Demo Day!