Big Foot Ate My Flock.

Simply put, my peace of mind has been hijacked by 3 chickens and 3 turkeys. So far 2017 at The Wildwood Homestead has consisted of me slogging through ankle-deep mud and grudgingly pushing my way through dense briar bushes all day and night in fruitless attempts to waylay a meager flock of pea-brained poultry, only to return them to the security and coziness of their coop. … More Big Foot Ate My Flock.

Pomegranate Pops & Universe Work

Pomegranates are super, super, super popular here at the homestead. I’m stressing “super” because they are so super sought after in our kitchen they basically deserve their own tongue twister. The super popular pomegranate perpetually pleases the palate, so much so the people plead for the super sought after simplistic satisfaction of this snack with … More Pomegranate Pops & Universe Work