Soul-Work, Dirt-Work

Yesterday we cleaned out and prepared the garden. It was a big job. We worked hard. The vegetable beds neglected, hidden beneath a blanket of pine straw, chickweed and deadnettle. As we tilled the soil, I was pleasantly surprised to lay eyes on such lush and loamy earth hidden beneath winter’s debris. We live on … More Soul-Work, Dirt-Work

A little thing on love.

The poets and the philosophers, lyricists and artists have immersed themselves in love light’s glow for centuries. Humans have an intrinsic desire to dissect, to study, to understand and ultimately demystify the spellbinding ambience of love, this most powerful muse. We seek to interpret the meaning with music and with words, with the paintbrush, with … More A little thing on love.

A Mixed Bag, Baby

I ventured out to feed and water the flock early this morning, the sun rising up, pouring radiance from the heavens down onto the earth’s frosty floor. Another flurry of powdery white blew through our region again last night. Dumped just enough snow to blanket the world around us, keep the kids home from yet … More A Mixed Bag, Baby