Time is a Liar.

Time is a funny notion, a man-made constraint. It’s like an imaginary concept invented solely by humans in our quest to control basically everything. Honestly I don’t love it, because in my opinion, time is a liar. It was exactly three months and one week ago today that my Dad hit the high road, never … More Time is a Liar.

Me, My Ego & Social Media.

So, what makes any of us feel a desire to take bits and pieces of our day and offer it up to the world at large?  Better yet, why didn’t I feel compelled to share a photo of our clogged toilet last week?  Why don’t I pop into the girl’s bedrooms and snap a pic of the 10-mile-high mountain of dirty laundry in their closets?  Why do I only tend to share the goodness, the pretty, the accomplishments? … More Me, My Ego & Social Media.

Soul-Work, Dirt-Work

Yesterday we cleaned out and prepared the garden. It was a big job. We worked hard. The vegetable beds neglected, hidden beneath a blanket of pine straw, chickweed and deadnettle. As we tilled the soil, I was pleasantly surprised to lay eyes on such lush and loamy earth hidden beneath winter’s debris. We live on … More Soul-Work, Dirt-Work

A little thing on love.

The poets and the philosophers, lyricists and artists have immersed themselves in love light’s glow for centuries. Humans have an intrinsic desire to dissect, to study, to understand and ultimately demystify the spellbinding ambience of love, this most powerful muse. We seek to interpret the meaning with music and with words, with the paintbrush, with … More A little thing on love.