Our Story

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Hey y’all!

Welcome to our modern homesteading blog. We’re the Mauer family.  We live in coastal Virginia.

For a couple of years we spent a lot of time chatting about our desire to ditch the city life, stake a claim to a lovely patch of earth, pack up our brood & embrace the peace & quiet of the country. We decided to finally take the plunge & apparently the Universe was swirling in our favor.  After only 24-hours of placing our Norfolk, Virginia home on the market, we received a full-price offer!


With quite a few strokes of a ballpoint pen, we were thrust, headlong into the excitement, chaos & “Oh my holy heavens above, what have we done to our lives” sentiment, that is certainly the headspace which accompanies anyone who embarks on such a life-changing journey.

This life is not always easy & it certainly isn’t always pretty. But, it’s ours. There’s no turning back now.  Bees, chickens, turkeys, ducks, gardens, food preservation & old house renovations are just some of the many ways we are cultivating a life we love from scratch.

Join us here on the blog as we experiment with homesteading techniques, work to establish & grow our little hobby farm & embrace the happiness of family fun amidst the breathtaking beauty of the back bay country, Virginia.

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Thanks for the love & support!

The Mauer Family