NEW PODCAST by The Wildwood Homestead

Hello my Wildwood friends!

I love blogging.  It’s a beautiful way to share new perspectives, explore my own contemplations and to feel connected to all of you.  I will always love and maintain this little nook, my own personal home base on the world wide web!

But guess what? I have a new platform as well!  It’s The Wildwood Podcast!  And I’m incredibly excited about it! I publish a new episode every Friday and I’d love for all of you to check it out!

Yesterday’s episode marked week 7 for this new endeavor.  So far I’m enjoying every minute and I hope you will too!  Click on the link below and start at Episode #1 – UNCONDITIONAL, then work your way through the list.  Thank you in advance for sharing the link with your friends and sharing your feedback with me!

In love & light… Your friend,


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