Not Worthy of Consumption

I’m simmering homemade chicken soup on the stovetop. Okay, I should clarify. I’m not actually making chicken soup. I’m making soup for my chickens.

There’s a difference.

It’s brutally cold outside and although my feathered friends are nestled in a coop with cozy, fresh, dry straw and well protected from the elements, I still feel a need to coddle the little chirpers. So today I’m a crazy chicken lady who woke up at 5am with the bright idea of concocting a vegetable soup base with some whole peas, spinach, seeds, sprouts and dried cranberries tossed into the mix. It smells heavenly, but I’m certain that if I were to actually taste this combo (and let’s face it, I definitely will) it’s bound to be weird, bland and most likely unsatisfying to the human palate.



I tasted it. Edible. Not at all worthy of consumption. Definitely bird food.


So that’s how my New Year is starting out. Gourmet brunch for my chickens. Toast for my kids. What does this say about me? (Rhetorical question. You needn’t actually respond.)

Well, Christmas has been put to bed here at the homestead. No more twinkling trees, fruit-filled garland or chocolate-filled advent calendars. The candy-apple red bows and vibrant patchwork nativity have been tucked away until next December and the festive, sparkling centerpiece on our family table is now simple and earthy. One candle + bare pinecones. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to Christmas. For many of us, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. But with the farewell comes a welcome to all that is new and the possibilities are plenty.

I am ready.

I once read “the New Year is basically an opportunity to write a brand new 365 page story for yourself.” I adore that sentiment. Suffice to say, I’m writing, writing, writing – figuratively and physically.

Speaking of writing…

If you follow my blog, then you’ve probably noticed there has not been much of a blog to follow over the past few months. Not since October 17th to be exact. There is a reason. I’ve been quietly, diligently stealing time to work on a big thing. The big thing feasts on most of my creativity and thirsts for my brain-juice. I’m not one for living a life where I feel depleted. Therefore, I put a few pieces of my existence on the back burner so that I may work on the big thing and still have enough oomph left to give freely to my dear family and my homestead endeavors. I suppose this is called prioritization. I’ve gotten good at that over the years. It’s not time to share the big thing just yet, but I cannot wait for that dreamy day (hopefully in the near future) when I can fill you in on the coolness and the chaos.

Until then, I hope to share more consistently on the blog in 2018. And most of all, I hope you all will stay connected with me this year. I genuinely enjoy receiving your insights regarding your own hobby farm happenings, kitchen failures and successes, your favorite recipes, parenthood blunders and milestones, advice and know-how. So many of you spread a smile across my face, fill me with inspiration and help me problem solve on a regular basis. I hope you know how much I appreciate the connection.

I wish I could offer up some profound words of wisdom to encourage you as we all embark on this new journey into 2018. But I won’t even try. I’m just going to settle into the peaceful knowing that we are all looking up at the same sky above. The same stars twinkle before us, the same sun warms our skin, and the same moon shines on the same planet we all call home. We are all in this together. We are all one.

Blessed be in the New Year.

And always.

And forever.





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