MomMom Looks Pretty.

As we were leaving the house today my littlest said to me, “you look pretty MomMom!”

I thought to myself… YES.  I do look pretty!

In that moment, I realized for the first time in weeks upon weeks (maybe even months) I actually considered my clothing choices, colors and accessories today. My hair wasn’t knotted up in a messy bun and I wasn’t wearing an apron or a 20+ year-old faded sundress. (Yes. I have a permanent dress in my wardrobe that stretches almost back to my high school years. Don’t judge. It’s comfy).

It was an insightful observation and it caused me to pause, to reflect on how the seasons impact my focus, my inspiration and my priorities.

When spring comes to play and then summer rolls in, my energy is renewed.  I come to life, I get excited and I get busy!  I tend to find my color and joy and creativity in the world all around me, mostly outside of myself and outside of my home.  There are newbie chicks to love, coops to clean, gardens to plant and weed and water and harvest, flowers to admire and bouquets to create, beaches and bathing suits, beehives and blueberries. The list of things that take up my time and mind during the spring and summer months could go on and on. I’m not thinking about colorful, trendy clothing.  Bright, sparkly or even semi-clean fingernails are not even on my radar.  Silky smooth, kicky and stylin’ hair?  I’m pretty sure my brush goes into hibernation around May 1st.

Here’s the deal.  During the sunny seasons sweat is dripping down my crack and I’m either at the beach covered in sand, sunblock and seawater or in the garden covered with dirt. It’s an amazing time of year and I’m so grateful to work and play in the moment, to suck every last drop of marrow from the seasons of the sun.  Everything else can wait until the days begin to fade a little earlier into the shade of night.  That’s when I slowly find my focus shifting back to self and the comforting loins of home.

When fall creeps the hobby farm chores slow down a bit and the outside world fluctuates with a weird combination of cool and warm, inspiring a similar pattern in my both my selection of frocks, my culinary concoctions in the kitch and even the décor inside my home.


Yesterday friends visited for lunch and we feasted on spicy roasted red pepper and tomato soup and cool curried chicken salad with juicy red grapes tucked inside.  Cool and warm.  A palette pleaser, perfect for fall.

Today I find myself standing before the mirror adorned with cool turquoise and silver sparkles, spicy crimson, warm golden vibrancy and just a hint of a farewell nod to summer in the form of sea foam fingertips.  IMG_9087

It’s wonderful how a simple shift in the season sparks new inspiration in everything from my food, to my wardrobe, to my décor.  To everything there is a season.  I adore this about Mother Nature and I’m so grateful to have this connect with her.  She nourishes my soul and my outlook on life.

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