Crab Grass & Coffee

If you love crab grass, be sure to swing by my garden! We have the biggest crab grass ever! Seriously people, there’s no better crab grass anywhere! Ours is the best!

So, I worked the garden like I was on a mission straight from God all through early spring and summer. Went on the most glorious trip out west with the family and came home to a glorious vegetable garden jam-packed with glorious weeds. After a few weeks of whining and pulling and sweating and whining and whining and callused hands and whining, I got that baby semi-cleaned up and then I watched the weeds grow again.

Next spring begins the “big experiment” in the garden. I can’t tell you too much about what the “big experiment” in the garden will entail just yet, mainly because we aren’t entirely sure ourselves. Suffice to say, the garden will most likely be getting somewhat of a facelift this winter and into early spring. Some new growing methods will be implemented and although I plan to grow many of the same veggies I have in the past, there will be a little less of some and a little more of others. The weeds will (if all goes well) become way less of a burden and the efficiency of the entire process will tighten up greatly. To call it the “big experiment” in the garden is basically my way of saying… I’ve learned a lot this year and I’m changing some things up for next year. Which is to say, I hate weeds. The end.

I have so many peppers. The okra is still on. The kale and cabbage is coming back from the depths of sadness and my weirdo cukes have finally decided to produce. The tomatoes are finished, done, and kaput. I’ll be ripping out the remnants to make room for some more fall/winter faves. And it’s time to plant the leafy greens again! The potatoes are still producing and the greenhouse plans are coming right along. We have the most massive posts which will be used in each corner and the windows still make my heart sing each time I walk past them, all lined up and just waiting to be built into something beautiful. My very own little greenhouse… Finally. Now to find the time to build that happy-maker! After all, it’s soccer season for the teenager, so…

The 8 baby chicks are no longer baby chicks!  They have officially been moved to “The Cottage” out back and they are growing splendidly. Their chirps and peeps are turning into clucks and bocks, their feathers are on and they’re simply beautiful.  Raising little hatchlings is such a cool experience, especially when the kids take an interest.  The other dozen ladies and gent (or so) are happily free ranging, laying eggs and pooping everywhere.  I must say, they live quite the perfect country life out here.   The cupboard is getting filled with our canned garden veggies just as the deep freeze is beginning to dwindle with our homegrown and harvested chicken and turkey. It will be time for another shipment of meat birds in the near future!

In other news, our 4-year-old is embracing his preschool experience and genuinely loving every minute. Thank God! He mainly loves pee-breaks and snack-time. Who can blame him? Both are equally satisfying in completely different ways.

The middle teen is finding out why it’s important to surround yourself with confident, whole-hearted peers (these lessons ain’t always easy y’all – but she’s a survivor!) Middle school is a wild ride and I’m proud of her candidness when it comes to her friendships and school-life experience. She over-shares her day-to-day interactions, opinions, angst and joyful happenings with us each evening. I am so thankful. The transparency is key in my opinion. We always need to be the sounding board for our children. In other news, academics are once again (seemingly) a breeze for her. She has a good working brain.

The oldest teen is getting all of her ducks in a row. It goes a little something like this… Soccer, soccer, soccer, driving, driving, driving, school, school, school. These priorities are at the top of her list at present. Her first club season soccer game was this past weekend and she officially begins driver’s education today. Evenings are spent on homework and review. She’s diligent and dedicated to pretty much everything she does.

I am quite proud of the people we are raising. Can ya tell?

At any rate, fall is on the horizon and the homestead is bustling with the fruits and fabulousness of this new season. We are grateful and just being us. My cup runneth over… Mainly with wine and coffee.

Until next time…

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