The Bee & The Biscuit

There’s just something primal about sitting across the table from loved ones, sharing a satisfying meal together, all the while serenaded by laughter and the joyful noise of communal gladness. Heartening congregation among friends and family, neighbors, community and strangers alike, the pleasures of good food and good drink are two of life’s most basic, yet beautifully shared rituals.

Over the weekend, my hunk surprised me with a brunch date at The Bee and The Biscuit, a local hub of deliciousness recently established in our little neck of the woods here in Virginia Beach. Situated just a stone’s throw away from the ever-so-iconic Pungo Board House, The Bee and The Biscuit buzzes about within the loins of an enchanting and historic home right on the main thruway of our farm-friendly Village of Pungo. Clearly, no expense was spared in updating the old house, boasting all of the gracious, modern amenities and clean, welcoming comforts one expects to find when visiting a new dining establishment. Yet, the owners also managed to skillfully preserve the historic charm and even add a rustic, farm-to-table vibe, which truly captures the “earthy, down-home, kick-back and chill” sort of characteristics that make Pungo so one-of-a-kind in general. In other words, this place is way cool and it’s a worthy jaunt to the country just for the aesthetically pleasing aspects alone.

Although the restaurant is plenty spacious enough to accommodate a large number of guests at once, bare in mind that it’s now officially on the radar these days. Good news travels far, wide and fast. Word of their delectable vittles has spread like wildfire throughout the Tidewater vicinity, so be prepared for a short wait before actually being seated in the restaurant. Dress accordingly for the weather as most folks choose to wait outside next to the toasty open fire pit or tucked beneath the bar tent out back where limited seating is available. If you do experience a chill, a stack of lovely quilts or random fuzzy wuzzy blankets are available to borrow, just in case you want to snag one and snug up with friends or your honey heart. I think you’ll quickly find there could be worse predicaments than waiting around outside among the lovely landscaped grounds, because BLOODY MARY.

That’s right, we need to chat about that Bloody Mary I managed to suck down in about 4 minutes flat. Let’s just say, she’s a real “day-maker” if I’ve ever met one. I opted for the “SASSY” Bloody Mary, which translates as being the one that rocked my world. Suffice to say, this concoction will go down in history as the very best Bloody Mary y’all will ever bloody drink in your entire bloody life. It was so bloody tantalizing in fact, that I ended up ordering two of them. Hence the reason I can’t remember all of the garnishes that come with the beverage and/or the other two types of Bloody Mary options they have available. At any rate, the perfect amount of fiery kick, garnished with enough olives and celery (and possibly another vegetable I’m forgetting to mention) easily allows us to classify this delectable lass as a semi-healthy, super spicy tomato soup and garden fresh side salad. Yes. From this point forward I choose to call my Sassy Bloody Mary: The Soup and Salad Combo. Perfection. I hear the Mimosas are to die for as well, but just trust me on the soup and salad. Go there. Order it. Bliss out. You’re welcome.

Next, best of luck choosing your grub, my friends. Seriously. Everything – and I mean everything – looks amazing, smells divine and is surprisingly affordable. Not to mention, much of their ingredients are sourced locally and regionally from farms and producers right here in our own Back Bay country. Know what that means? Yep, their menu is fresher than new fallen snow on the Sandbridge shoreline.

When I finally narrowed down my options, I decided to nosh on the Dirty Hippy Breakfast Burrito. First things first, the cilantro lime dressing they serve on the side… I’m addicted. Like seriously, do they make this stuff by the barrel? I’m gonna need a vat of it, like at least every other week. And if I can get it “to go” I’m most definitely going to slather it on everything from my baked potatoes to my breakfast cereal. IT’S. THAT. GOOD. So, my dirty hippy was jam-packed with sausage and eggs, black beans, cheddar cheese, avocado, angel feathers, stardust, magic mojo, universe-juice and Jerry Garcia’s teardrops. (Okay, so I made the last 5 or so ingredients up) but the sausage, eggs, beans, cheese and avocado were a total taste sensation and the cilantro lime sauce made the dish… What a hit! Gluten free? Vegan? Oh yeah hunny, they’ve got you covered too. They’ll swap out the meat and eggs and cheese with potatoes, tomatoes, corn and onions, then they’ll tuck it all away in a vegan wrap. Fresh, flavorful and way too filling for one sitting, I ended up taking half of it home to my teenager with the bottomless pit. She devoured every ounce of the leftovers and has subsequently begged us for her very own dirty hippie ever since.

So my carnivore of a hunky husband devoured the Papa Joe’s Breakfast Tostada. (Side note: I actually had a real-life “Papa Joe” once – God rest his soul.) Anyway – this beast of a corn tortilla was blackened over an open flame to perfection and blanketed with scrambled eggs, pulled pork, avocado, black beans, cheddar cheese and fresh salsa. That pork, though! People, there are no words for the goodness. Yes. I’m a bit colorful with my descriptions in the written word, but I cannot overstate the yumm-a-lishness of that breakfast tostada situation. It will truly be a challenge for the hunk to order anything else from the menu because he was so fond of that porky spectacular delish-dish. Try it y’all. You can thank me later.

Finally, our server Sarah… Can I just say, I love Sarah. Sarah is like my very best friend ever right now. Not really, because we only just met on Saturday morning and she probably thinks I’m way too happy and annoyingly obnoxious. But here’s the deal Sarah… I don’t get out much. I cook dinner for a family of five almost every single night of the week. I have 2 teenagers and a 4-year-old. My hunk and I have gone on approximately 4 dates in the past 4 years. Seems like an exaggeration, but it’s really not. So you see Sarah, when you so generously offered up kind conversation, attentive service, that brilliant smile of yours and then topped it all off with that to-die-for sample dessert – whatever the heck it was, clearly sent down straight from the heavens above, adorned with a plump and juicy beautiful berry – you sealed our friendship darlin. Forevuh. We’re tight now, girlfriend. I know you probably think you were just doing your job, but no. We’re like in a sisterhood of desserts and friendliness and superficial conversation that goes far beyond the typical “server-customer” niceties.

Alright, alright, I’m just jiving ya. You can stop contemplating the restraining order now Sarah, I’m just clowning around. But seriously folks, she was a fab server and The Bee and The Biscuit overflows with friendly service, awesome atmosphere and delicious fare at reasonable prices. For more information, visit their link at

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Thanks everyone and BIG love always.

– Kristin






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