An Open Letter to my Conservative and Liberal Friends

Dear Conservative and Liberal friends,

I am writing this letter as I cannot for one more day, stand to bare witness to the phony you have become. Yes. You read that correctly. Over the past several months you have morphed into a complete fake, a fraud, an imposter. You are a let down to your children, your coworkers, your country and your self. Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes friends need to be brutally honest with one another.

I can’t help but wonder, what happened to you? How did you ever become so weak in your true, authentic self so as to allow a cold, hard, obnoxious and ravenous ego to slip into your safe space and hold the real you hostage? Like an addict functioning beneath a veil of drug-induced haze, I’ve watched this alter ego rob you of your values, seize your intellect, shred your life-long friendships and even cut some of your family ties.

I can see the amount of time and effort you lend to feeding your insatiable appetite with juicy debate, tasteless rhetoric and spicy drama. For months now, I’ve watched you devour truth the size of a grain of salt and digest lie after lie, served up on a silver platter only to regurgitate every ounce of it back onto the plates of friends and foes, family and strangers alike. You are chewing the fat, my friends. You are consuming the fake, processed commercialized crud that is corroding the arteries of life and love in this country. Aren’t you exhausted yet? Aren’t you running out of energy? Our human spirit cannot thrive on empty fodder alone. Our goodness, our exclusive authenticity requires whole, real and flavorful sustenance to feed our life verve and to enrich our existence.

My dear, important and worthy liberal and conservative friends, I know you. The real you. You are bigger and stronger than this ego that is holding you hostage. I beg of you, please do everything in your power to break away from your captor and run like hell, back to the safety of your true, authentic self.

Now more than ever before, we as a nation need you to be the change you wish to see in the world. We need you to live by example. We are desperate for your grassroots, anecdotal evidence and exclusive stories of lives well-lived, of lives lost, the stories of heartbreak born from hate and resurrection birthed from love. We need your valuable, calm insight, your personal hopes and vision for the future of our country, we need to learn about your past experiences. We need you to be vulnerable and strong and tolerant all at once. It’s no small task. But these are the tales, the realities, and the truths that have made our country great and will continue to make it even greater in the future.

Our new leader of the free world is scheduled to take his seat in the oval office this afternoon. Whether you identify as a liberal or a conservative, whether you are enthusiastic about this change or your heart is crushed, it’s still going to happen.

My dear liberal and conservative friends please come home to self right now. Please know that you are so powerful, purposeful and capable of creating goodness, of healing hurt and tackling challenges in your community, in your country. Share your stories. Share your authenticity. Be the face of greatness that this great country hungers for daily. But most importantly, be respectful. Be real. Be you.

In love and light always,

– A true friend

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