Winter Day at the Beach!

Good morning friends!  The snow finally melted, the sun came out to play and Jabba decided it was time for some beach explorations.  Being cooped up inside is not an option with a little dude.  We embraced the snowfall and worked hard to soak up every ounce of goodness it had to offer while it lasted.  But let’s face it, the Mauer peeps are sunshiny, beach-loving, spring, summer, fall type folks.  Winter is just meh.   So when the Papa Bear went back to work and the sister’s headed back to school, we headed straight to the sandbox.  Looking forward to many more days of mornings at the beach and afternoons in the garden.  Spring can’t come soon enough, but she’ll get here just in time. Hope this teensy tiny tidbit spreads a smile across your face & fills your heart with happiness. xo

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