Crotch Kicks & Blessings in 2016!

I’ve come to the realization that what 2016 lacked in ease and predictability, it generously made up for in spiritual refuge, bestowing upon me much clarity in regard to the precious few priorities that are absolutely essential for my personal gratitude and fulfillment in life. Everything under the sun could turn to stone, but if I stand among the hardness that surrounds, only to realize that my heart is still soft and my mind is still open, then I will be at peace.

I have fiery teenage daughters who remind me daily that their opinions and (often times) argumentative nature is actually a precious gift. They are healthy – mentally, physically and emotionally. They are bright, thinking individuals who are willing to risk like-ability to stand up for what they want and to speak their truth. I dig that and I’m so happy for them. I’m constantly picking my battles with them and they sometimes drive me nuts – short trip these days – but I admire their assertiveness at such a tender age. I’ll never douse that fire. Judge away all of you “controllers of the children” out there in parenting land, but that’s just not my jam and not my way.

I have a 4-year-old who is needy and attached, beautiful and observant, hilarious and sponge-like in his ability to absorb all that is worthy of his contemplation. What a great and healthy brain that boy is growing! His presence encourages me daily to consider those who don’t have the blissful freedom to simply sit back and enjoy watching their young child flourish in a safe and nurturing environment or nation. Dear God, I am so grateful.

I have a husband who loves me just the way I am. Every ounce of my weirdo existence, every hair-brained scheme I concoct and every chicken I add to the flock, he accepts. He does so because his love and respect for me far outweighs his concerns regarding my quirkiness. He grows with me, explores with me and looks forward with me. What a gift this year has been to navigate the funk (and the fun) with him by my side. Even when 2016 kicked us square in the crotch, broke our hearts and tormented our sanity, he was there to put an arm around me, to hug me, to smile at me, to remind me that we’re still kicking & dealing… Every. Darn. Day. YO!

I have extended family – sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends – all over the place who are overcoming the traumatic, embracing the present, living alongside the uncertain and relishing in the love that surrounds. These people are as tough as nails. These people unknowingly keep me grounded and authentic. They inspire me to wake-up each morning with the brightest outlook possible, even when I have to dig, dig, dig deep within to find that sunshine and pull it up over the mountain with my own two hands. Dear Lord I am blessed to have these souls wandering around in my life!

2016…. Man. You sure did bring it. But I sure do love the raw, real reminders you offered up regarding just how precious and good I’ve got it here on earth – even when the path doesn’t go in the direction of my choosing.

I already adore you 2017. Thanks for coming, just in the knick of time.

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