Pomegranate Pops & Universe Work

Pomegranates are super, super, super popular here at the homestead. I’m stressing “super” because they are so super sought after in our kitchen they basically deserve their own tongue twister.

The super popular pomegranate perpetually pleases the palate, so much so the people plead for the super sought after simplistic satisfaction of this snack with each visit to the supermarket.

That was neat. Anyway…

Mr. Green Jeans (aka: my hunk, aka: my husband, aka: my baby daddy) recently planted not one, but two of these gloriously enchanting fruit producing trees right outside my back door. The health benefits offered up by these precious gems are abundant, but the pomegranate is also special because it teaches us an extraordinary lesson about mindfulness and empathy in our daily lives.

You see in order to reap the succulent reward of the flavorful and nourishing tidbits nestled deep inside this decadent fruit, we must first – with a fair amount of precision – cut away the firm, protective outer skin. It’s not a particularly difficult process, but it does take a bit of practice and patience. After we master the art of penetrating and peeling away the external surface, the real treasure lies within, a luscious and refreshing pop of glistening crimson pleasure, certain to make the taste buds tingle and leave us craving more, a sweet satisfaction worthy of both praise and permanence in our lives.

In my opinion, the process closely mimics what we must do to establish a better life for ourselves, a better world for all living beings. You see, most of us have grown a hardened, external shell over many years, the sole purpose to protect our soft spots, the vulnerable places in our heart and mind that are fragile and fearful of judgment. Just like the pomegranate, keeping it’s most deliciously sweet offering – the seeds – huddled deep within it’s protective coating, we too like to keep the most tender, desirable bits of us hidden, safely tucked away from the threats of an unpredictable outside world.

But just as we crave the exclusive flavor of the pomegranate seeds, the universe craves the exclusive flavor of us – each individual spirit who contributes to this world. The universe thirsts for our distinctive flow, it hungers for our healing sustenance. In the same way that our body benefits from the antioxidants, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties of the pomegranate, our universe benefits from the verve and mystic mojo of each one of us. It’s beautiful and cosmic. WE are beautiful and cosmic – each of us, in our own way.

Pomegranates are rich in so much of what a body needs to thrive, including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and folic acid. Cool, eh? So what the heck does all of that mean? In a nutshell, it basically means that while you’re snapping those deliciously sweet, plump, poppy seeds between your chompers, you are also preventing “bad” cholesterol, protecting your heart, reducing your risk of cancer, aiding your digestive tract, nourishing your skin and that’s just several of the most obvious benefits associated with the exquisite pomegranate.

So, guess what?

When you share your true essence with the universe, it basically means that you are allowing the world around you to taste your true flavor, you are preventing preconceived notions by openly sharing your authenticity, you are protecting those without a voice by living your own truth and being a voice for them, showing the world that it’s okay to be yourself – no matter what that looks like to others. You’re reducing the risk of small-minded retort by nourishing legitimacy and tolerance. Just as we do with the pomegranate, we must remove our outer barrier, dispose of our superficial layer, dig deep within ourselves and expose the most delicious and prized morsels of our being. Expose the soft spots within. Choose to aid the universe in its quest to heal the cancerous divide that seems to be growing every day.

We can heal the universal body, the world. We are super fruit.


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