Tater Harvest!

Well, here’s the deal… It was worth the time & effort because Jasper enjoyed helping plant the potato seeds back in March & he had an excellent time assisting me in dumping out all of the pots & digging through the dirt to find the potatoes this afternoon.  Having said that, I’m glad that I only paid 89 cents for the organic potato seeds because we sure didn’t harvest many in the end.  We only planted about 3 large pots & one small pot.  But still, it seems like a scant harvest at best.  At any rate, we will slather them in butter & eat them with our freshly harvested peas & lettuce this evening.  And truth be told, I’ll probably start up another several pots tomorrow, so that we can try it again & have ourselves an itty bitty harvest this coming fall.  Maybe not a high yield harvest, but definitely a happy hearted one nonetheless! Sometimes it’s just about the experience.Tate pix

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