For Goodness Sake.

Hey y’all!

Black coffee is flowing, a floral scented breeze is blowing, a glorious sun casts shadows upon this garden I’m sowing.  With every seed, a sense of peacefulness is growing, a universal connection, a primordial knowing.
Aaaaah, these are the mornings that cleanse my soul & slap a fresh set of rose-colored glasses upon my weary peepers! With all the negativity in the media fogging up our view of the world, it feels good to retreat back to the simplicity of earth & home. Focusing on nature & the hustle bustle of the forest critters around me is a healing reminder that life is so much more than what is dished out & served to us via the mainstream.  At night I cover up, close my eyes & think on family & friends, chickens & seedlings, good food & good memories made with the ones I love. Undoubtedly we all possess what we need to fuel our positivity & push us into a brighter headspace.  Remember all the goodness y’all!  Even when it’s sometimes hidden behind uncontainable circumstances, ugliness or angst… We’re all still here for now & we have a life to love. Get to it!
Well we have spinach & lettuce, arugula, kale & chard, onion sets & potatoes, radishes, leeks, beans & peas, peppers & tomatoes galore, spaghetti squash, herbs & all sorts of floral edibles popping! Quite a few other sprouts I’m forgetting to list & a nice bunch of starts are left to incorporate into the mix including cukes & zukes. We’re well on our way to a garden full of goodies! The blueberry bushes are covered in lovely blooms.  Josh spent a couple days last week removing a bunch of vines & scrubbies that were anxiously climbing up their hardy trunks.  He gave them a little more breathing room & cut away a lot of the pine, magnolia & various other volunteers that seem to be popping up everywhere right now.  Beautifully, they are already showing more blossoms than they did last spring! I’m beyond excited & we’re all craving fatty blueberries in abundance this summer! Jabba dude is planting carrots in a big pot this year.  He’s not in mad love with carrots or anything, but he had so much fun pulling the few we managed to grow out of the garden last year, that I’ve decided it’s worth the effort & cuteness to help him create his own little harvest here on the porch.
Our cutie pie chickies are quickly growing out of babyhood & happily making their new digs a home.  One more week in their coop & run, then I think we’ll let them meander about freely during the day.   They are bringing this quiet hobby farm back to life this spring! Finally we are enjoying the chirps, cheeps and peeps of little feathered friends again & my soul is singing!  Josh & I hope to bring the turkeys & laying hens home sometime this weekend.  Just a few more repairs to the small hen house & we’ll be ready to go.  Chanda has some more duck eggs in the incubator & if all goes well, we’ll soon have some quacker’s to help bring the pond to life.
Here we are everyone! Right where we all should be… On earth, surrounded by possibility & the newness of spring tickling our senses.  Go with it.  Feel it. Embrace it.  Take a walk, take a hike, take a gander at the loveliness that prevails… (Take a decongestant too if necessary! 😉
In love & light from our family to yours, Happy Spring!


 ABOVE: The key to keeping Jasper in the garden when I need to work!
 ABOVE: Thinning out the heirloom mates so the strongest can soak up all the nutrients before transplanting into gallon pots & then eventually into the garden.
 ABOVE: Hoping for treats, no doubt.
 ABOVE: Amazing what these birds can unearth around here!  There used to be a structure of some sort where our chicken yard is now.  They apparently tore it down before we bought the property & left the contents spread across the land. These birds have found everything from drill bits and hammers to compact mirrors and a stop sign!  I found these treasures in their run earlier this week.  I bent over & asked my largest feathered friend if this is the key to his heart… He got rather close to my face and then plucked at my dangling earring.  I took that as a YES! 😉  Jasper found it quite amusing!
 ABOVE: Adorable dudes.  Jabba & friends roasting marshmallows!
ABOVE: Lately I’ve had a couple people ask me where I find my energy to chase a wee one, juggle the tween & teen’s agendas, plant the garden & still maintain my other hobbies.  Honestly, I found myself running out of steam by about noon over the winter months.  In other words, I didn’t have the energy necessary to do it all & that was  BEFORE the physical labor of the gardening season begins around here… So about 3 weeks ago I started eating a MASSIVE breakfast each morning.  If you run in my circle, then you probably know I’m not much of a breakfast person.  That has completely changed!  Banana, avacodo & eggs are on the menu every single morning these days.  I always add a side of lentils, black beans, green beans or kidney beans to the mix.  And of course… Strong coffee.  Keeps ya kickin’ until 4pm! Fo rillz!


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