Boo Boo Mr. Roo!

Wildwood Acres! What a place! Between the Mexican petunias, ginger & canna lilies, I sometimes wake up feeling like I’m living in a botanical dream! Fine by me. Flowers make me absolutely giddy! The more I live among them, the more I’m convinced of their magic. Yes. Flowers are magic.  Just try sniffing a magnolia blossom or sipping on some wild honeysuckle on a blue-sky day. Better yet, boil some rose petals or dry some lilac for your bedside table. Find a use for whatever floral that happens to be in bloom each season & you’ll quickly learn just what I mean.
So the garden is a wreck. Time to add some compost. I’ll spend the weekend cleaning up & cleaning out. The bushes are heavy with big, beautiful beans & we’re almost ready to harvest. The tomatoes have caught their second wind & our new lettuce is going in the ground tomorrow. Jabba & I ripped out the last of the cantaloupe & watermelon vines this morning & collected the last remaining cucumbers. He is my little farm buddy these days. We hiked through the woods this morning & watched our neighbors harvest their massive field of corn. I thought we’d have time to head into the house for lunch & a quick nap before they made it to the field near us. Unfortunately by the time we headed down to watch the excitement, they were already finished! Sure doesn’t take long to harvest that sea of corn that took all summer to grow.
So that’s all folks… Blessed be, to you from me.
ABOVE: Jasper was fascinated by the remnants left behind from the corn field harvest. He carried them around all day long & said he was going to “plant them in our garden”… Guess he misses the tall stalks already. I kind of do too. But, it signifies a shift in the seasons. And that’s a beautiful thing.
ABOVE: The corn field after harvest this morning.
ABOVE: Morning chores. As I waltzed by the window I caught my reflection & realized how ridiculous I look, carrying this broom around everywhere I go. Self defense. Paranoia.
ABOVE: Our girls on the first day of school this week! Teagan is off to middle school! 6th & 8th grade! Where did my little Keely go???
ABOVE: After the girls hopped on the bus, Jasper & I headed down to the dock to eat our breakfast on the bay. We enjoyed our biscuits in the morning shine.
ABOVE: Jasper’s first day of “school” in our art room! We were working on colors. He made a lovely Fall piece.

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