Weed Your Garden.


Weed your garden folks!

It’s not an easy job, it hurts & it’s exhausting, but it’s so necessary & so gratifying. I pulled an infinite number of weeds over the weekend. No one in the world has ever pulled as many weeds as me. Ever. I’m certain of it. If you could borrow my stiff muscles & wear my sun-kissed skin for a few minutes, you would know I speak the truth. It was glorious. The entire process turned out to be a spiritual practice of sorts. It was weird & cool. I highly recommend it. Basically, all you have to do is spend the entire day beneath a scorching sun, whilst depriving your body of the necessary liquids it needs for survival – hence pushing ones physical self to the brink of dehydration. (I can’t fathom that the experience isn’t healthy or safe.) Anyway, right before I almost died, I had a moment of clarity where I realized – as crazy as it sounds – many of the weeds I was pulling kept putting me in mind of folks who have drifted in & out of my life over the years. In fact, some of those pesky weeds bore such similar traits to characters from my past, that I actually spent a good portion of the day naming them after sketchy people I used to know. It was comical, cathartic & quite possibly semi-psychotic.

For instance, there’s one type of weed that grows repeatedly in my garden. It’s abundantly strong & infuriatingly stubborn. It won’t let go. It holds tight, no matter how much effort I put forth & it simply won’t budge. It’s not willing to go down without a fight. And just like my personality outside of the garden – in real life – I’m slow to learn from my mistakes. It takes me a few goes to navigate the fudge-ups, to wise up & realize some weeds are simply not worth messing around with from the very beginning. Some weeds require a sharp blade & a good, clean cut immediately. Kristin: When you identify said weed, don’t even think about wasting your energy. Just do yourself a favor & detach that root before it ever has the opportunity to grow any deeper. Countless (I mean COUNTLESS) personalities that mimic this beast have visited my life over the years & overrun my simple, lovely garden. I can now finally recognize them from a mile away & I vow to keep my blade sharp at all times just in their honor.
Next is a deceivingly beautiful, flower-like weed. I’ve met her time & time again. She creeps up everywhere in our landscape beds & vegetable garden. She’s tall & leggy with sunshiny, yellow bloom bursts, which bounce so rhythmically, up & down to the tune of Summer’s breeze. From afar she’s so lovely & seemingly worthy of a space in my plot. She’s extremely convincing, freely doling out transient joy everywhere she goes. I can’t help but admire her carefree nature & I’m always seduced by her vibrant glow. Deep down, I know she’s a weed. I know she has to go. But again & again, I make the mistake of letting her hang around too long simply because I choose to see her loveliness instead of her affliction. Before I know it, she’s sprinkling her seeds of suffering all over & I find myself working way too hard to remove her funk from my healthy, sacred space. It’s always a little shameful to admit that I allowed myself to be schmoozed yet again, but it’s always so fulfilling to send her on her merry way.
Then comes the creeper… Virginia creeper to be exact. Of course I renamed this one too, after a particularly shady character from my past circle of friends. This creep likes to climb her way to the top; she doesn’t care one iota about who she knocks down in the process. She’s a negative Nancy who thrives on controlling her surroundings. She’ll strangle the life out of any other bloom she sees as a threat, robbing you of an abundant, joyful harvest. She is to be eliminated at all cost. She’s toxic to the well being of everything trying to grow around her. Remove this cancerous threat to your happy garden before she ever makes her way across the threshold. You have been warned.
Anyway, this bizarre approach to cleaning out my garden over the weekend, made the entire workload feel so much more rewarding! Drawing that parallel between the ever so gratifying sensation, which accompanies the sound of shredding roots, tearing slowly from the soil & reminiscing about the purposeful, deliberate action of removing so many weeds from my ‘garden of life’ makes me feel smart & blessed & on the right path. When I look at my garden, I see only worthy, fruitful & nourishing entities growing in my space. It feels so true & good. When I look at my life, I see the very same pleasures. My life (finally) is enriched with only the most worthy of friendships with people who nourish my spirit & offer a rich, fruitful relationship with my family & myself. A garden of weeds cannot feed you well friends. Clean it up & watch how things come to life & flourish.

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