Rain. Flies. Lotus Laughter.

IT RAINED! Hallelujah Holy Heavens, it rained people! And even more exciting, the forecast is calling for more rain all week long! That old familiar balmy scent of electric ozone wafting through a heavy atmosphere is one of life’s mainstays that I look forward to every, single Spring. Few things compare to a good thunderstorm. It’s especially exhilarating when we’ve not had significant rainfall around here for weeks upon weeks. I’ve been watering our gardens & landscapes almost daily, making me all the more grateful for our healthy, abundant well water. Josh rigged up a somewhat primitive watering system with an irrigation head he had lying around here at the house. It’s a little over-kill for the size of our plot, but it’s convenient because I don’t have to move it around much as the spray covers practically every square inch of the garden. (Benefits of being married to a landscape/irrigation Guru)…  I’ve been a little ‘down & out’ about getting such a late start on the planting this year, worrying about whether or not we’ll yield a decent harvest. Having said that, this rain is beginning to put my fears to rest a bit. If you don’t often take notice of the natural world around you it’s hard to imagine, but one pleasant & significant thunderstorm can have an astonishing impact on the trees, plants & blossoms all around you. Gardens drastically flush out & can even double in size, growing greens reach for the Heavens & blooms passionately explode with more brilliant hues than ever before. It’s exceptionally satisfying to take a walk immediately after a spring storm & observe such a radical change brought on by only a brief downpour. I found tomatoes & chili peppers on the vine last night! Our zucchini & squash, green beans & snap peas are on the rise & the broccoli plants my neighbor shared (which I thought would surely die) smiled & winked at me this morning! In other news, I can’t decide whether the rain will help the fly infestation we’re experiencing in the hen house or make it even worse. Just for the record, flies are disgusting & they make a fool out of me daily. Granted, I realize they serve a wonderful purpose in this world, but between the horse flies that cause me to smack myself repeatedly in the head while running aimlessly across the yard & the other random flies that have forced me to turn my kitchen into an experimental laboratory & my bank account into nil, I can’t seem to find gratitude in their existence these days. It all started Monday morning. I spent a good portion of the day completely cleaning out the coop & putting down new shavings. I shoveled all of the poo & dumped it into the compost pile in hopes that this would remedy the problem. That afternoon I experimented with a couple environmentally friendly, DIY, liquid concoctions that I felt so good about! (Yay pinterest!) Didn’t catch one damn fly with that goop. Not to mention I syrup in my hair & poured raw honey down my boot… Don’t ask. On Tuesday morning I gave up on the home remedies & spoke with a farmer who recommended a couple dangling thingamajigs they sell at the local feed store. As of this morning, 24 hours later, I’ve managed to catch 2 flies. Gee… Only 1,789,655 little flying devils left to capture. SUCCESS. On a brighter note, we had a wonderful weekend with our Norfolk friends! We are so grateful for good food, lovely friends, fab sips & a joyful, laidback day filled with wonderful memory making at the homestead. Soul shine.
ABOVE: Found a 2nd Roma on the vine!
ABOVE: Happy zuchinni friend sucking down the sweet spring rain!

ABOVE: Worthless fly trap.



ABOVE: The lotus flowers in the pond are absolutely stunning right now! Our pond has been soooooo astonishingly low recently. Yesterday’s downpour helped raised the water a little, but we’re banking on some more rain this week to really fill her back up. Fingers crossed!


ABOVE: We have the best of friends here in Virginia. Ute is originally born & raised in Germany. She & son Miles came to visit this weekend. In Germany, it is apparently a tradition to bring bread & salt to friends who move into a new home. It is a gesture to ensure the family will never go hungry & have a wealth of everything. Guess what I’m giving my next friend who moves into a new home? 🙂 Yep! A beautiful tradition in my opinion. She also gave us a lovely card with this incredibly true quote: “Why do we love certain houses, & why do they seem to love us? It is the warmth of our individual hearts reflected in our surroundings” – T.H. Robjohn-Gibbings



ABOVE: My friend Lindsey snapped this adorable photo of my sleepy, sleepy, sleepy spaced out little lad after a loooong day of running & playing with friends.



ABOVE: A house full of kiddos & friends on Sunday afternoon! The laughter of children, doth brighten the soul!




ABOVE: Our blueberries are on & branches are hanging low! One more month & my strawberry pie baking will become blueberry pie bliss!


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