Mother’s Day, Every Day.

It was Mother’s Day today & I felt like the Queen of my castle! Nothing special, just fresh coffee, fresh dirt, lots of weeding & of course my hunk (as always) brought home some beautiful, lush greenery in honor of the special day, mainly shade loving ferns & a few grasses, which will thrive in the sun-dappled spots surrounding our house. Honestly, I thought a lot about Motherhood today. I felt some guilt about not being with my own Mom & Mother-in-Law & my sisters. I know this sounds ‘holier than thou(ish)’ but I genuinely celebrate MotherLove on a daily basis.  As frustrated as I get with my children at times (and trust me when I say the struggle is FRIKKING REAL) I never take a day for granted & I embrace the joys & hardships & proud moments of parenting on the regular. By choosing to be a stay-at-home Mama, I am truly living my purpose. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely for me. It was the one thing I’ve always known that I wanted out of life. From the time I was just a young child, playing baby dolls & ‘house’ for hours on end, to this very moment in my present life, being Mom is the one thing I’ve felt completely fulfilled with in this world. When I went back to work fulltime for a couple years, it was confirmation for me that I have an important calling. My instinct is to be with my family, to center myself in the home & to feed my spirit by nurturing my people. When I started feeling guilty & sad about not being with the other loving mother’s in my life today, I quickly realized that I spent my entire weekend using what I have learned from them & implementing it in my own life, raising my own family. I take the strands of knowledge that I’ve gained from them & I weave it into the fabric of my little family’s everyday life. In my opinion, that is the right way to honor your Mother, every single day of the year. Not just on a made-up, Hallmark holiday. What a pleasure to know that primal MotherLove runs so deep within our souls. I am blessed.
Love always,

ABOVE: Tealeaf, Turnip & Firefly… My greatest blessings.



ABOVE: Planting seeds with Mama!


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