Jasper & I just stumbled upon a spectacular patch of itty-bitty baby strawberries growing on our property today! Little gifts from God here, there & everywhere! Now I’m just hoping I can keep Jasper from plucking them all up before they’re ripe enough to eat! This child simply cannot get enough “bawbeewies” in his tumtum to satisfy his big boy appetite these days. Pungo, Virginia is apparently known for their strawberry farms & annual strawberry festival. This time of year folks from all over Virginia come to our neck of the woods to pick their own berries, visit the roadside stands & then head to the country beach to enjoy an afternoon of sand & strawberry goodness. I had no idea this was such a big thing around here! Here we’ve been living 45 minutes away in Norfolk for the past several years, yet I was completely unaware of these happenings. Well, we are certainly making up for lost time, as Jasper & I make runs down the road to Cullipher Farm Market every other day it seems to smunch a quart (or 5) of their warm, organic, sunkissed, blissfully juicy berries! We just love these little roadside markets & buying local makes my heart sing. How can I say no to my little berry-loving boy? I can’t…. So we’re basically breaking the bank on fruit. There could be worse things in life I suppose, right? In other news, the injured hen is doing so well in her healing process & we are beyond grateful! She’s still my purple punk rock chicken, covered in Blue Cote spray, but she’s healing beautifully. We decided to name her Lucky. After all, she’s pretty dag’gone lucky yall! Josh & I worked on a nice scratch yard for the chickens & turkeys. We priced out some fencing over the weekend & have come up with a game plan to make the space nice & large & permanent. However, we built a temporary, make-shift, FREE yard by utilizing some dune fencing we had here at the house. It’s actually working out better than I imagined! We’re working under a shoestring budget for now, just until we finish paying off a few bills that are left over from the rental, so we’re thrilled to have found a resourceful way to utilize what we already have! It’s a fabulous little set-up & allows the birds to free range during the day & then we can close them in the yard each night without having to worry about predators. Our rooster Pedro (I should say TEAGAN’S ROOSTER) is as sweet as sugar – which is weird. He actually wants to be held & he follows us around, waiting for us to pick him up. It’s totally adorable & creepy at the same time. He’s trying really hard to make some noise. He’ll be greeting the sunrise with cock-a-doodle-doo in no time flat. Who knew we could find such joy in some ducks & chicks & turkeys? Lots to learn from this little feathered community. Time to eat some berries….


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