New Life Lessons.

Some of the lessons my “new life” has taught me over the past week… 1) Snakes come in all shapes & sizes. As do spiders. 2) Ducks are incredibly adorable, sweet & filthy. I always want to have at least a few in my presence for the rest of my life. 3) Turkeys are bossy, kind of moody & pretty annoying most of the time. I’ll definitely be ready to eat one by Thanksgiving. 4) A good, soapy scrub down, significant amounts of hydrogen peroxide, Blue Cote spray & a little love can magically heal an extremely bloody, wingless hen. One week later & she’s all cluckin’ around the hen house, happy & healthy with her lady friends! 5) I’m much physically stronger (and in some ways weaker) than I thought. I can wrangle massive logs with my bare hands & carry a toddler on my back at the same time. 6) It’s totally possible to break your toe while flitting about joyfully. 7) Pretty much my entire life from this point forward revolves around poop. 8) Large gardens are hard work & bring a family together. 9) Fishing is extremely rewarding & brings a family together… And last, but certainly not least… 10) This is where I belong & I’m totally living my bliss.


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