New Schools!

WHAT a long week! Girls started at their new schools in Virginia Beach. Such an awkward time of year (and age) to start all over. I’m so incredibly proud of our daughters! These girls have nerves of steel, hearts of gold & excellent, positive ‘tudes! I would be TOTALLY TRIPPING if I had to leave all of my friends, move into the woods & start a new school at the ages of 11 & 13 years old. We made this choice to move as a family. We weighed the pros & cons. We talked about the potentials, the what if’s & the unknowns. They were on board. We moved forward & we’ve trusted all along that things would come together. The students & staff at both Creeds elementary school & Princess Anne middle school have been incredibly kind, welcoming & helpful to our girls & ME. I think I’ve been much more nervous than the girls! We could not have asked for an easier & more gentle transition than what these kids have experienced this first week. So much of that has to do with other people doing their jobs well & the kindness of their new peers. I don’t know if it will stay this way, I’m sure there could be some bumps in the road over the next couple months. But, for now I’m so happy they are transitioning in a positive way. I can only hope our kids would treat the ‘new kid’ with the same respect they’ve experienced this week. Keely was told she probably wouldn’t be able to participate on the track team this year at her new school because the season had already started. Then the track coach saw her run in gym class. She starts on the middle school track team on Monday! THANK YOU. Life is scary & fun & exciting, but mainly just so, so good. I think I’m on the mend now. Fever is gone & I’m slowly getting my energy back, but just not quite there yet. I’m ready to feel like me again. I pray my children don’t get this funk! The last thing they need is to get sick & miss the second week at their new schools. Looking forward to tackling some DIY projects this weekend & hopefully making a full recovery.

ABOVE: My Tealeaf, heading off to her new school.


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