Home. Sweet. Home.

We are in! I repeat… WE. ARE. IN.
Translation… We no longer have a Norfolk address, our furniture is positioned in the new house & our life is now boxed up in the NEW garage as opposed to our RENTAL garage! But, regardless of the minor details (& although the “to do” list is still about 15 pages long) we officially live in the country from this point forward. It sounds so dramatic to even silently think this in my head, but I truly can’t believe we did it! I mean, I knew we COULD do it. But the fact that we turned daydreaming & late night chats & the “what if’s” into an actual new life for our family is still just so overwhelming. Not to mention the entire process just solidified so beautifully, right up to this very moment. I’m breathless – partly because of the shear exhaustion I feel at present & partly because I’m so over the moon about this situation we made happen in just 6 months. So, the girls are now on Spring break. When they return to the classroom they will officially be students in the Virginia Beach public school system. I aim to give them some true rest, relaxation & hopefully some fun over the next several days. In addition, my main goal at this point is to get their rooms & bathroom unpacked, organized & ready prior to their first day at their new schools. I so desperately want them to start out in the very best headspace, with the very best attitudes possible. I can’t go to school with them & hold their hands & make them feel safe & secure. After all, they’re not preschoolers. But what I can do is give them good food, encourage good rest, help them get organized & utilize the tools they have physically & mentally to prepare & conquer this transition. As for Jasper, he’s rollin’ with it. If Mama & Daddy are okay, Jabba man is okay too! Let the fun begin!

ABOVE: Our view from Home Sweet Home.

ABOVE: Every material possession we own – outside of furniture – exists right here in this photo. Yikes.



ABOVE: As part of the “Welcome to Pungo” initiation, we promised the kids we could head down the road to Pungo Board House – our little country surf shop – to buy some local gear. True Pungo kiddos now.


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