The Java Mystery.

I’ve been so wrapped up in projects the past few days I’ve not taken much time to reflect on all that happened in Ohio over the weekend. Man, did we accomplish some serious jazz or what?! My sis, bro-in-law, sweet Daddy & amazing niece & nephew worked so hard for us. They helped us dig through storage & attics & barns & load up the Uhaul with incredibly heavy & awkward furniture. They are such troopers! My Mom is always so helpful with the kids. She kept Jasper for us so we could really focus on getting things done quickly.  I’m forever grateful to Josh’s parents for housing so many of our treasures over the years. They passed on a wonderful, wrought iron chandelier which we’ll hang in the dining room, a nice end table to go next to our couch & a lovely wooden entrance table, which will fit perfectly next to our front door. Crazy, but after 8 years we officially have NO MATERIAL POSSESSIONS left in Ohio! Just our loving peeps! I guess that means we’re really Virginians now! The entire weekend honestly seems like a fog. I’m pretty sure we’re functioning in a dream state lately. So much to do & so little time to do it all. Thank God for cherished family. We need to be out of the rental in a week(ish). My good, loving, devoted Mimsy & Daddy came back to Virginia with us to help out. Keely rode in my Dad’s truck with Nana. Teagan & Jasper rode with me in the wagon. Dad rode with Josh in the Uhaul. I’ve never laughed so hard in all my life. When we finally made it to Virginia, Dad got out of the Uhaul & walked up to me & pointed out coffee stains all over his shirt. I said “looks like you made a mess!” He made the most hysterical, perplexed facial expression I’ve ever seen & said “It’s funny because I fell asleep in the truck on the way here & when I woke up, this was all over my shirt? The strange part is that I don’t drink coffee, but your husband does. How do you suppose this happened?” Who knows how Joshua managed to sling hot coffee all over my father while he was catnapping over on the passenger side, but the visual just slays me! CANNOT STOP LAUGHING. Anyway, the wood burner is in! Kitchen & bathroom countertops are installed, refrigerator delivered & the oven goes in today! Josh refurbished an old wicker dresser for the vanity in our master bath. I love it dearly because it has some sentimental value. It was my niece’s bedroom dresser when she was just a wee one & then it was passed on to Teagan. She has used it as her dresser for the past several years too. It’s so satisfying to use what you have & to find a way to breathe new life into something old. Not only did it save us some money, it makes me happy to know this little piece will remain in the family for years to come. We managed to find the perfect sized sink on Craigslist to fit on top. And it was only $40. A far cry from the $300 vanity we were initially scoping out. I can’t wait to tally up the savings we’ve managed to pull off in this reno just by shopping around at thrift stores, habitat for humanity, getting creative & reusing what we already have. Sometimes it’s awesome to just make do. Dad has been painting my nemesis (aka: THE BRICK WALL) in the addition/man cave/Coyote Ugly Bar. It’s a horrid task & makes me a mean person. That wall sucks up the paint so quickly & even the heaviest nap roller requires Hulk strength to fill in the mortar. I’ve been painting furniture & kitchen cabinets this week. We’re Getting closer! I can’t wait to move in & share our new country abode with friends & family. But for now, I think it’s time for a P,B & J with some warm tea.
This Vermont Casting stove is a dream come true! We had one (almost) just like it when we lived in Ohio. It takes the sting out of Winter’s bite & warms you to the bone on even the darkest & coldest days. We will spend countless hours this Fall & Winter snugged up, sipping java & enjoying the glow of this treasure. GRATITUDE!



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