So we made it to Ohio. We’re pooped, but we’re here. Josh is on the mend, but still feeling subpar. No rest for the weary. I drove all the way here so he could catch a few winks on the road. Hoping he starts feeling like himself again soon. We picked up the U-Haul once we got into town today & we both managed to sneak a quickie catnap this afternoon. We’ll spend all day tomorrow loading up furniture, along with some boxes packed full of age-old goodies from our “pre-parenting” life. Lots of stuff from our college days & even our high school years are hidden away in the attic at Josh’s parent’s house. They’re retiring this Spring, selling their home & moving back to their hometown in Michigan, so it’s time to clean up & clear out. Luckily we did most of the work while we were in town over Christmas break. We paired down what we wanted to keep & what we wanted to pass on. Since Josh & I have been together since the tender ages of 15 & 17-years-old, we really enjoyed digging through those old boxes of memories together. Our new home was built as a comfortable, spacious 1970s ranch-style family home. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a nice sized family room, formal dining & living rooms & a functional kitchen. Apparently the most recent owners – prior to us – added on about 1,000 square feet of space with a new addition. The room basically looks like a larger version of The Coyote Ugly bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans. We must somehow find a way to embrace that special space, while giving it a functional & ‘family friendly’ rustic vibe. It literally was the man cave from Hell until about 2 weeks ago. Before they laid carpet, there was an actual plywood floor covering the poured concrete in the main section of the room & it was painted like a football field. I only wish I had the ‘before’ pictures of what this party pad must have looked like prior to the foreclosure process. I met the listing agent one day. The things she said they found in that party room… Let’s just say, the previous owner spared no expense when it came to serving his guests & keeping them entertained. At any rate, we moved into our first little apartment together back in 1995 & since then, we’ve always lived in fairly small spaces. Therefore we’ve remained pretty limited in our furniture acquisitions. Luckily some of our family members here in Ohio need & want to pass on some of their hand-me-down furniture to us. We definitely do not have enough to furnish our new place. This will be so helpful. We are so blessed with supportive, loving sisters & parents & grandparents, friends, etc. We’re Looking forward to tomorrow & getting this part of the journey finished. It will be a big day, followed by another day jam packed with miles upon miles, mountains upon mountains.  Time to put the head to the pillow & take a trip to Snoozeville.
Late night hang time with cousin Norah. Even our quick trips to the Buckeye State are an opportunity to connect with the ones we love so dearly! Blessed.


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