GREENS are growing! I repeat, GREENS ARE GROWING. Will they make it to my new garden? A garden that is (as of the present moment anyway) merely an extension of my overly vivid & ambitious imagination? This story is yet to be told, but do you have any idea what it does to my heart & level of enthusiasm to walk through the dining room of my rental & see these little babies peeking up at me? I swear one of them waved & another winked this morning. They’re quietly trying to remind me that this vicious Winter season is winding down & the root children are making their way to the earth’s surface. Yes, they’re “planting the seed” of Spring’s hope. I’m truly sucking mojo from the marrow of these laughing little green personalities. Am I losing it? Borderline cray-cray? Am I embracing my weirdness & celebrating my own personal lunacy? Possibly. It wouldn’t be the first time. But this feeling of hope, of gratitude for the green pops in my dining room window makes me fly high today!


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