I Need A Miracle.

 So we bought a “new” old house. And with this “new” old house comes a lot of neato stuff. The kitchen is not part of that neato stuff. The kitchen is spacious and laid out well enough, kind of. But it’s pretty much heinous. I’ve always been of the mind that a kitchen is the heart of the house. This kitchen is more like the sphincter.  It simply will not do. These are the moments when you cross your fingers & pray that there’s an exquisite, tremendously rare gem and/or coin collection hidden somewhere within the walls of your foreclosure, that you will surely stumble upon during further demolition. In other words, kitchen renos are not cheap. It goes without saying, we are on a budget…  A tight budget! We aim to stick to it as much as possible too. With that in mind, my kitchen needs a miracle! But, I’m motivated and I’ve been an avid HGTV/Pinterest junkie ever since Christmas break, so… Yeah… Suffice to say, this pretty much makes me an expert at kitchen reno these days. Never ye mind the fact that I have no experience. Who needs it with all of the step-by-step DIY pics & whatnot? Pssh. I’ve got this on lockdown.
First order of business, identify ways to save money!
  • The floor. By no means is this flooring supposed to appear anywhere in my dream kitchen. But it’s functional, durable & in perfectly adequate condition to last another few years at minimum. When the time is right, it can be replaced. Until then, scrub-a-dub-dub!
  • The cabinets. Someone apparently barfed in every drawer. Not really. But they might as well have. What happened? And what are these puddles of sticky, green & red goo everywhere? Melted lollipops? Jello? Food coloring? It’s a mystery. Anyway, the cabinets are solid wood & they are staying. I cannot afford to replace them & why would I? They are perfectly functional. Lots of elbow grease & a heavy coat (or two) of awesome paint & they’ll be super fab.
  • The dishwasher. It looks relatively new & assuming the inspection shows that it’s a safe & functioning appliance, it will stay. More money to spend on the necessities.
Speaking of necessities… I have a zero tolerance policy for several items in this kitchen. The countertops. Gone. Long gone. Forgotten. Thrown off a cliff. Whatevs. Gotta go. The stove. When I look at the stove I get sad & angry at the same time. This cannot be a good thing.  The stove must retire to a different location. Preferably somewhere far, far away from my person. And it has to go there as soon as possible. The Sink. I can handle the sink. It’s in decent condition & serves its purpose. But what I’d really like to do is relocate it to the outdoor kitchen, because my “dream kitchen” has either a white farm sink or a simple, white cast iron sink. Lucky for me, I’m pretty sure I have a kind-hearted gal pal who renovated her kitch a few years back & might just have the sink I love! Fingers crossed!  So in a nutshell… New fridge, new paint, an island & some imagination! This place is certain to be the finest country cookery this side of the Back Bay! Yeeehaaw! Time to remove the doors, hinges, hardware & scrub some cabinets!




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