Unexpected Gift.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Josh & I decided to peruse a few local antique shops in Virginia Beach. We had a couple of items in mind for the new house, but for the most part we were just seeking inspiration. I’ve had my heart set on acquiring a few old maps to hang in our home. Specifically I want to do a wall with a map of Southeastern Ohio, where we grew up & where much of our family still lives today. I’d also like to have a map of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where we lived for a few years prior to moving to Virginia. It will always hold such a special place in our hearts, like a home away from home. A map of Ocracoke Island in North Carolina would be a real gem, as we feel pretty confident our first daughter may have meandered her way into the Universe while we vacationed there one early Fall… Yes, too much information. But a worthy moment in time nonetheless! I’m hoping to find a large map of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well. Much of our family is from right outside of Detroit & we have relatives who own a wonderfully quaint motel & array of rustic cabins, surrounded by the mystical north woods of St. Ignace, right across Lake Michigan from Mackinac Island. The Balsam’s Resort holds such precious memories for us. Our middle child took her first steps & celebrated her very first birthday there. On our last visit, I was pregnant with our son & we basically chose his name while chilling out beneath a moonlit sky. I’m always keeping my eye out for these old treasures & I know I’ll stumble upon them throughout life, probably when I least expect it. After all that’s how things seem to happen. So while we were antiquing, I mentioned to Josh how cool it would be to find a map of the waterways surrounding the Chesapeake Bay & vicinity. A few days later, we’re out at the homestead & Josh happens to be poking around in the attic above the garage. Guess what he stumbles upon, covered in dust & just waiting for an awesome chunky, primitive, reclaimed wooden frame? Sure enough, a map of the Chesapeake Bay. Put it out there people. Be open. Let it flow. Amazing how things – materialistic, emotional, spiritual, intellectual – find us when we toss inspiration out, to get tangled in the Universe. A cherished housewarming gift for certain.



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