Who Knew?

Day #3 of being snowed in & cabin fever has a stranglehold on the ‘tween & teen daughter’s of the house. Even an innocent glance across the room becomes a dangerous game of Russian roulette. Should they inadvertently make eye contact, there’s an exceptionally real possibility of verbal assault or worse. So much for mild winter’s in Virginia’s Tidewater region. It is downright frigid at present, record lows across the commonwealth & we have the frozen pipes to prove it. In addition to no running water, this week has been overflowing with all sorts of unexpected challenges. Monday night’s snowstorm has Josh & his crews working 48+ hours straight, plowing snow throughout Hampton Roads. No small task to say the least. He & his crews are grateful to have the work, but the timing couldn’t be worse for us personally. The closing on our new, country dream space is scheduled for tomorrow & of course, there’s an abundance of last minute paperwork to be completed, all of which requires roughly 72 signatures per page. Josh & I are convinced that we’ll be forced to offer up blood, semen, urine & saliva samples before this deal gets done. At any rate, we’re on the home stretch now & it feels absolutely surreal to know that our daydreams, planning & patience in the process is finally going to pay off.  Our vision is actually coming to fruition! It’s just a magnificent realization, to know we are on the brink of such monumental change. It’s not the first time we’ve taken a risk, packed up the family & gone a different direction, so to speak. But this one is a BIGGIE. This is not just a physical move. This is a purposeful move. I suppose all moves from one geographic location to another – near or far – is purposeful or else there’s not a soul out there who would bother enduring the headaches associated with making it happen. After all, it ain’t easy sister! Packing up your entire life & putting it somewhere else is kind of a big deal. But this time, our move is less about necessity & more about fulfilling a vision we have for our family. Our desire to slowly transform our lifestyle, to become more self-sufficient, to teach our children the importance of staying connected to nature, is finally being born into existence. We couldn’t be happier. I always get a little sappy during times of big change. It causes me to reflect & to soulfully consider the ways I’ve grown personally over the years. It  encourages me to revisit the starting point & to consider the journey that has lead to this very moment. I was doing that today, flipping through seemingly ancient photos. I stumbled upon this beautiful Colorado memory, playing with my hunk on the top of a mountain. We were just kiddos, finding our rhythm. Who knew back then, we’d someday get married, make 3 people & call Virginia home? Feeling blessed beyond measure tonight.

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